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The Slab Mule Story

Five years into my NFL career, I was fighting daily-pain and inflammation just to get to the practice field during the week. Coming off an ACL surgery the year prior, I dealt with chronic knee pains and muscle aches. My chiropractor introduced me to a hemp-based topical ointment that I tried before going out to practice one day. That was it. I had quietly been looking for an alternative to poppin’ 800mg of ibuprofen before every practice and some stronger ‘stuff’ on game days. The hemp ointment gave me the ability to apply it exactly where I needed it--which I loved--and it managed my pain well enough for me to compete at the highest levels. That was 2015--we won the Super Bowl. Just sayin’. Since then I have searched for the perfect, all natural hemp/CBD topical salve, which lead me to create this brand, Slab Mule. We use premium CBD slabs from our partners at Z3 Sciences in all of our products. Our products are manufactured in the Denver-area from hemp grown, most often, in Colorado. We would love to be a part of your pain-relief or anxiety-relief story! 

Jordan Norwood | Co-Founder @slabmule

The Streets are talkin'

I'm obsessed. I have a lot of muscle tension between being a mama, an instructor and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and every time I've rubbed it on my back, traps, neck and shoulders it has worked!


...started using the ultra strength cream about a week ago. LOVE IT!!